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Once Collared [1/6ish]

Title: Once Collared [1/6ish]
Authors: xixie and ladyredcrest
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Sherlock/John
Warnings: BDSM
Disclaimer: Sherlock and John belong to Sir ACD, Gatfatt and the BBC.
Beta: ghislainem70 helped with a read through of one scene, other than that, the only betas were the authors. All mistakes belong to us.
A/N: This fic is a direct continuation of The Pleasure-dome Hotel written by velvet_mace and raiining and was written with their permission. We thank them greatly for allowing us to do this and of course for writing TPDH to start with. Reading the original is a must to understand what is going on in our fic. Please enjoy.

They left together. 
Sherlock had one hand wrapped firmly around John’s bicep.  He wasn’t really dragging him along next to him, but he did seem content to have him close and unable to move away.  John sighed as Sherlock angled him physically down the well lit corridor.  Expecting to head toward the front doors, John was surprised when Sherlock veered off towards the elevators. 
“Where are we going?”  John couldn’t stop himself from asking.  John immediately cursed himself silently.  This was just the sort of thing that annoyed his last Domme.  John knew he was a crap sub.  He never did what he was told, well, outside the bedroom anyway.  He had to question everything. 
John had spent the last four months dreaming of Sherlock, wanting Sherlock, berating himself for not leaving with Sherlock when he had the chance.  Now, here he was, screwing things up after only 10 minutes.
But Sherlock didn’t seem angry.  He merely glanced to the side and answered, “I left my riding crop in the mortuary.  We’ll go get it and then be off.”
John smiled.  “Well, we’ll definitely be needing that.” 
Sherlock stopped in front of the elevator bank and jabbed the down button.  He dropped John’s arm and turned toward him, chuckling.  “Well, it’s my work crop.  For the cadavers.  I’d certainly never use it on you.” 
He moved into John’s space and took his chin in his hand.  Leaning down, he rubbed his nose against John’s.  “But, for all that, I’d hate to lose it.”
John swayed towards Sherlock, shivering. 
Though he had closed his eyes, he heard Sherlock draw in a breath.  “You are so very beautiful, John.  And I’m going to own you.”
John felt a lurch in his stomach.  He was rapidly becoming hard, and he leaned more heavily on the cane in his hand.   He couldn’t wait to get back home. 
He knew it to be home, even though he had never been there.  Sherlock was home now, and he wasn’t going to screw it up this time.  He’d be much better than he had ever been with Mary, or any of the tops before her.  He’d make this work. 
Just before Sherlock initiated a kiss, the elevator doors opened.  John was steered inside.
Sherlock stared at him as the elevator descended.  “You haven’t been seeing your therapist.”
John started.  “How do you know I have a therapist?”
“You didn’t have that limp when we last saw one another.  Clearly, it’s psychosomatic.  Ex-Army sub, psychosomatic limp?  Of course you have a therapist.”
John didn’t say anything for a moment.  Then he got defensive.  “I hated it.  Are you going to order me to go back to her?”
“Would you go, if I ordered it?” he seemed genuinely interested in the answer. 
“At least at first.”  John squared his shoulders and waited for the fallout.  Christ, didn’t he just promise himself that he wouldn’t sabotage this relationship with his willfulness?  You don’t just tell a top that you’d disobey them.  Especially not a top like Sherlock.  He practically oozed dominance. 
Sherlock actually giggled before pushing John back into the wall.  Pressing himself fully against John, who could feel Sherlock’s arousal against his thigh.  “Nice to know you’d at least try to obey.  But it won’t be necessary.  Therapists are idiots.”
John leaned his head on Sherlock’s shoulder.  “You find it funny that I might disobey you?”
Sherlock shrugged.  “I’m not supposed to, am I?  I can’t help it.  I’d never want to be with someone who’d sit through therapy anyway.  Dull.  You won’t be dull, will you, John?  I love a challenge.”
“Well, you can call my last top, if you want.  She says I’m completely intractable.”
Sherlock wrapped his hand around John’s throat and squeezed.  John’s eyelids fluttered and he leaned forward into Sherlock’s hand. 
Sherlock spoke directly into his ear.  “Not intractable, John.  Just interesting.” 
He pulled back, allowing John to gasp for air.  “You are severely underweight, however, and that must be fixed.  You will eat.”
John looked Sherlock up and down, taking in his thin frame and the circles under his eyes.  “So will you.”
Giving orders to your Dom shouldn’t cause him to inhale sharply and look like he wants to fuck you against a wall. John could tell that life with Sherlock was going to be unexpected.  The elevator doors dinged open.  Sherlock gave him a considering look and then dragged him bodily into the mortuary.  
He kissed John bruisingly.  “I’ve waited too long for this,” Sherlock growled, as he unbuckled his belt and pulled open his trousers. “Kneel. And there will be no coming 
until I tell you.”

John obediently dropped to his knees, his cane clattering to the floor.

When Sherlock pulled out his already hard cock, John started to lean
 forward but was stopped by long fingers run through his hair, fisting themselves
 and holding his head in place.

“No, John, this is mine to take tonight.” Sherlock said as he thrust 
into John’s open mouth.

John managed to relax his throat just in time 
to keep from gagging. 

Sherlock set an almost relentless pace. John gazed up at him and 
sucked, attempting to swallow the saliva that was starting to roll 
down his chin.


It had been four months filled with dreams of John and now his cock 
was sliding in and out of those slightly swollen lips. The thought 
pushed Sherlock over the edge and he pushed himself far down John’s
 throat as he came.

He gave himself a few seconds to recover, then grabbed John by 
his coat and pulled him to his feet, bringing their lips together.
John tasted of both himself and Sherlock which was almost enough to
make him hard all over again.

 Sherlock became aware that John was tucking him back into his trousers 
and buckling his belt when he reached down and palmed the other man’s 
erection through his jeans. 

John whimpered into their kiss, a sound that Sherlock swallowed hungrily.

“You’re not allowed to come until you belong to me, John, and only 
then when I allow it. Do you understand?” 

John nodded.

“Good.” Sherlock glances around the mortuary, “It seems that Molly has taken my riding crop. I’ll go get it from her and come back.  It should give you enough time to compose yourself.”
John watched Sherlock slink out into the hallway.  He closed his eyes and focused on controlling his erection.  He had just managed to pull himself back together, when the door behind him opened.  Turning, John came face to face with a mousy sub with a riding crop in her hand.
He smiled disarmingly.  “You must be Molly.”
The lab tech faltered.  “Um, yes.  Do we know each other?”
John shook his head.  “Sherlock mentioned you.” 
Molly broke out in a blinding smile.  “Did he?  Oh.  Well, yes.  I’m Molly.”  She took a step forward, holding out her hand.  “And you are?”
John limped forward, stretching to accept her hand. 
“Don’t touch him.” Both John and Molly instinctively froze at the commanding tone in Sherlock’s voice.  John watched as a myriad of emotions showed themselves on Molly’s open face.  She shivered and her hips jerked a little to the left.  God knows he wasn’t a consulting detective like his Dom, but any idiot could see that Molly was attracted to Sherlock.  Every subby tell she had was coming out to play.
Molly jerked her hand back.  “Oh, Sherlock.  I didn’t know.  I wouldn’t have if you had told me.  I’m sorry.”
Sherlock gave her a condescending look.  “Well, I suppose it’s not your fault.  I haven’t gotten him a collar yet.  We’ll have to stop off on the way home, John.  I really can’t abide other people touching my things.  And it’s not like you can orgasm until we do, as per our earlier conversation.”
John didn’t parse Sherlock’s full meaning immediately.  At first he only saw Molly’s face.  She was devastated.  So not just attracted to Sherlock—in love with him.  John grimaced.  She had thought, well hoped, that Sherlock hadn’t wanted John to touch her, not the other way around.  Poor girl, then again, she’d never survive Sherlock.  He’d eat her alive.
Which is when Sherlock’s words sunk in.  A collar?  That was not what John had thought he meant.  A collar.  Did he want that?  Looking at Sherlock, John knew that he did.  But why did Sherlock?
Sherlock, completely ignoring Molly, looked John over and rolled his eyes.  “Do stop being tiresome John.  Of course you’ll wear a collar.  You belong to me now.”
John allowed himself to be led out of Bart’s and settled into a cab.  Sherlock gave instructions to take them to Asprey and Garrard. 

“Wrong.  You belong anywhere I choose to take you.” 
Sherlock watched as John processed the statement. 
Sherlock raised an eyebrow.  “You were just thinking that you don’t belong in this high-scale establishment.”  Asprey and Garrands was an exclusive shop.  Sherlock knew John had never been into a store so posh before, but it was ridiculous for him to think that he wasn’t good enough for the place.  “You belong wherever I take you.”
Sherlock watched as John visibly relaxed.  He loved how responsive John was.  All he had to do was tell him to calm down, to take the responsibility out of his hands and John calmed immediately.  Sherlock couldn’t wait to see a collar around his sub’s neck, visible proof that he was owned.  That he chose to be owned by Sherlock. 
He watched John sigh.  “How do you know what I’m thinking?  Doms have always complained that I’m unreadable outside a bedroom.”
Sherlock glared.  “One: Any Dom that was stupid enough to have you and let you leave is an idiot.  Therefore all conclusions they may have drawn from your behavior are suspect.  Two:  I know you better than anyone, including yourself.  I know you were collared only once before and she rescinded your collar after less than 8 months.  I know you blame yourself when clearly she had unrealistic expectations from day one.  I know that you undervalue yourself and that will stop.” 
John looked uncomfortable.  “Sherlock, Mary wasn’t an unreasonable woman.  She just wanted to settle down with a nice sub and have some children.  I couldn’t do that for her.”
“Of course you couldn’t John.  You are far too fascinating to do something so ridiculously mundane.”
John didn’t look too convinced but he didn’t say anything. 
It only took one nearly imperceptible nod from Sherlock to attract the attention of the head salesperson, a Dom about 55 or so.
“Ah, good afternoon Sir.  How can I help you?”
“Yes.  We will be needing a collar.”
Aspery and Garrand was one of those exclusive shops that prided itself on subdued opulence and discretion.  After a cursory glance at John, the jeweler nodded and moved back towards the counter. 
“If Sir would allow his sub to be measured we can begin the selection process.”
Sherlock appreciated the fact that the man got right down to business.  He was also experienced enough to read the facts of his and John’s relationship.  Sherlock would be picking this collar.  John would not be consulted.  He was no pet looking for a beautiful bauble around his neck. 
Sherlock allowed John to be led away by a mousy but well dressed sub.  Clearly, Asprey and Garrard’s would never expect anyone to allow another Dom to touch their sub long enough to measure him. 
Sherlock watched until John disappeared into a back room before turning back to the manager. 
“I would like to look at leather collars.”
The jeweler nodded.  “Black?”
The man blinked but showed no other signs of surprise.  Sherlock smiled inwardly.  He did so enjoy throwing someone off.  Of course the man wasn’t completely incorrect in his professional judgment.  Sherlock preferred black, but he knew that John would prefer brown.  All his clothing choices pointed to that.  It was actually a bit of a surprise to Sherlock that he so naturally decided to adhere to John’s tastes rather than his own.  He honestly felt a bit proud of himself. 
Sherlock was shown a number of very nice hand made leather collars.  All one of a kind, of course.  It would never do for one of A & G’s clientele to run into someone wearing the same collar. 
Sherlock gave each one a cursory glance before his eyes fell on a golden brown collar with an unassuming D-ring and tag.  “That one.”
The manager lifted the collar carefully.  “Sir has excellent taste.  Alexander McQueen in hand tooled leather, velvet lined, ring and tag in platinum, of course.”
Sherlock nodded to himself.  Of course.  As if he would ever let John out of the flat in something as mundane as silver. 
“Will Sir be needing a dress collar?”
Sherlock hadn’t considered it, but, yes, Sir would.  “Yes.  One inch platinum.  Detachable O-ring with an optional pendant.  One half carat marquise cut diamond surrounded by round cut sapphires.”
“I have something similar to that in the back.”
Sherlock cut him off.  “I don’t want similar.  Order it.  Place everything on my family’s account.”
“Yes, sir.  And what account is that sir?”
“Lady Wintergrace Holmes.”
The jeweler’s eyes widened in recognition.  Sherlock did so resemble his mother.
“Ah, yes.  How is your mother?  Her William is one of our best customers.”
“Yes.  Daddy always did enjoy his jewels.  She is well.”
After finalizing his purchases, Sherlock was handed the box with John’s collar and asked if he would like the use of the private viewing room in order to place it upon John’s neck.  Sherlock contemplated taking him back to Baker Street first, but ultimately couldn’t stand the thought of another person, stranger or not, looking at John’s bare neck.  Every fiber of Sherlock’s being rebelled against the idea of John setting a foot in public uncollared ever again.  
“Yes.  Thank you.”
Sherlock escorted John into the viewing room and turned him to face
 the full length mirror. He then took the newly purchased collar from the box and handed it over.  He watched as John ran his fingers over the supple leather, as his beautiful hands hooked a finger through the D-ring and smoothed over the tag. 
“You got me a brown collar.” He said, looking into Sherlock’s eyes.  “I would never have been comfortable with black.”
It was almost an apology, but Sherlock preened.  “I know you, John.” 
“You do.”  Sherlock’s cock twitched. 

John held the collar to his throat waiting for Sherlock to lock it.  Sherlock watched John’s face in the mirror as he fastened the clasp.

The shorter man reached up and ran his fingers lightly over the platinum 
tag that was slotted through the D-ring.

“SH. What does the H stand for?” John asked his eyes still on the 
collar around his neck before he glanced up at Sherlock.

“Holmes. Sherlock Holmes.” He whispered into John’s ear before biting
 down just about the leather strap. His eyes never left John’s.

“I can’t believe you collared me before I even knew your last name.  That’s not normal.”

Sherlock wrapped his left arm around John’s chest and pulled his back
 closer to him. He held him there tightly while he used his right hand 
to unbutton John’s jeans and caress his quickly hardening length.

“Normal is boring.”
Throwing his head back against Sherlock’s shoulder, John gasped at the
 tight pulls on his cock. He fought the urge to come, remembering the
 order that was given to him earlier.

His whimpers must have begun to sound desperate because Sherlock 
finally spoke. “I own you now, John.  You belong to me.  I want you to come for me, John.”

And he did. His pants caught most of the come when he ejaculated, all
 except what ended up in Sherlock’s palm. He raised his hand to John’s

John didn’t need to be told what to do. His tongue darted out and 
licked the hand clean.

Sherlock kissed the same spot that he had bit down on earlier.

“Mine.” He whispered, possessively.

Sherlock held him there for a few more moments to make sure that 
John’s legs had returned to him.

 When John was able to move again he closed his trousers before turning to face his Dom.

“It’s time to take you home.” Sherlock said, sweeping out of the viewing room, John’s hand clasped in his.
John stared up at the 221b on the door as Sherlock knocked perfunctorily.  Glancing up and down the street, he nodded to himself.  This was a very nice area.  He didn’t really know how they were going to afford it.
“I know the landlady.  Helped her out when her Dom was given the death penalty in Florida.”
“You stopped her Dom from being executed.”
“No.  I insured it.”
John didn’t have time to answer.  A very small older woman opened the door.
John watched as Sherlock smiled genuinely.  “Mrs. Hudson.”  He moved forward to hug her.
“This is my sub, Dr. John Watson.  He’s going to be moving in.”
“Oh, Sherlock.  That’s wonderful.  I always knew you’d find someone.  May I?”  She turned towards John with her arms open.
Sherlock smiled his real smile again.  “Of course.”
John didn’t know exactly what she was asking until Mrs. Hudson hugged him tightly to her.  She rubbed his back in a motherly manner.  “Upstairs, both of you.”
Slightly embarrassed by his cane and limp, John wished that Sherlock had gone up first.  He hated slowing people down with his stupid leg.
Walking into the flat, John noticed the size of the living area first.  “Yes, this could be nice.  Very nice, indeed.  Once it’s straightened up.”

He turned towards Sherlock only to see him picked up a throw pillow off the floor and start straightening.  “Yes.  I can move things around a bit.”

John smirked.  “It’s your stuff.  This should be interesting.”
Mrs. Hudson clapped her hands together.  “It’s a lovely place.  There’s an extra bedroom, of course you won’t be needing an extra bedroom but you can do anything John likes with it.”
Sherlock turned towards her.  “I need a lab, Mrs. Hudson.  It’s the perfect size.”
Mrs. Hudson shot a conspiratorial look John’s way.  “I don’t trust you not to blow the place to smithereens, Sherlock.”
A hurt look flashed across Sherlock’s face.  “Mrs. Hudson!”
John watched as she smiled indulgently and smacked Sherlock’s upper arm.  “Don’t you start with me.”

She turned to John.  “I’ll let the two of you settle in.” She moved towards the doorway.
Sherlock bellowed down the stairway for tea.  John was just settling into a very comfortable, if worn, armchair when Mrs. Hudson yelled back up.  “Not your housekeeper, dear.”
“You made sure her Dom was executed, huh?  She doesn’t seem like a sub.”
Sherlock was watching John closely, an unreadable look on his face.  “She’s not.  A switch.  But people of her generation have trouble admitting things like that.  It just wasn’t accepted the way it is today.  She hides her dominant side behind excessive mothering.”
John nodded.  He had an aunt that was the same way. 
Sherlock threw himself back on the sofa.  “Well, we’re home.”
John smiled, but didn’t have much time to soak it all in before Mrs. Hudson was returning with tea and biscuits. 
“Just some welcome home nibblies for Dr. Watson.  Don’t get used to it.  I’m not your housekeeper.”
John gratefully accepted the tea proffered by his new not-housekeeper.  He barely had time to get out a thank you before Mrs. Hudson turned.  “What about these suicides, then Sherlock?  They seem right up your street.  Three exactly the same.”
“Not suicides, Mrs. Hudson.  Murders.  And there’s been another one.”
John heard the downstairs door open and close and the stomp of boots on the stairs.  A grey haired and attractive Dom came into the room. 
Sherlock spoke first.  “Where?”
“Lauriston Gardens.”
“What’s new about this one?  You wouldn’t have come to me if something wasn’t different.”
“This time there’s a note.  Will you come?”
“Who’s on forensics?”
Sherlock grimaced. “Anderson won’t work with me.”
“He won’t be your assistant.”
This time it was an eyeroll.  “I need an assistant.”
“Will you come?”
“Not in a police car.  I’ll be right behind.”
“Thank you.”
The man gave an aborted bow and left the room. 
Sherlock moved to the window and watched.  John didn’t know what he was waiting for, but as soon as the slam of the DI’s car door was heard, Sherlock jumped in the air.  “Brilliant.  Four serials suicides and now a note.”
He turned to John.  “It’s Christmas!”
John was just beginning to smile when Sherlock moved towards the doorway.  “John, I have to go.  Make yourself at home, I’ll be back as soon as I can.  Mrs. Hudson, I’ll be late.  I may need some food.”
“Not your housekeeper.” She protested.
“Something cold will do.”  He glided over to John’s chair reached down quickly grabbing him by the chin and roughly pulling him into a hard kiss.  “I promise I’ll be back later.”
John had mixed feelings as Sherlock swept out the door.  The first was anger.  How he wished he could go too.  But his damn leg.  He hated that Sherlock was leaving this early in their new relationship, but he understood about the need to work.  The desire to do a job well.  He had lost that when the bullet passed through him.  Mostly he missed Sherlock.  He had hoped to spend a little more time with him.  To learn more about him. 
Before John could move any further into the arms of self-pity, Sherlock moved back into the room.  “You’re a doctor.  In fact, you’re an army doctor.”
“Any good?”
John’s chin rose a bit.  “Very good.”
“Seen a lot of death and blood.  A bit of trouble, even.”
John squared his shoulders.  “Yes.  A bit.  A lot.  More than my fair share.  Enough for a lifetime.”
“Do you want to see it again?”
John’s heart began to race. “Oh, God, yes.”


Lestrade hadn’t wanted to involve Sherlock Holmes.  But sometimes he just had to.  The man was infuriating.  Donovan said he was a sociopath.  Possibly true.  God knows he didn’t act normal, but when no one else could solve a crime.  Hell, when no one else even saw a crime, Sherlock could solve it. 
That’s why he was willing to ask him for help.  It was why he was standing on the second floor of an abandoned building waiting for the man to show up. 
He watched as Donovan squared her shoulders at the sight of the consulting detective.  Lestrade figured he should go downstairs and referee whatever free-for-all was about to start. 
He had only just stepped into the foyer of the house when he noticed that Sherlock wasn’t alone.  He was trailed by that sub who had been in his flat.  Lestrade had figured it was Mrs. Hudson’s nephew or something.  He knew that Sherlock would put up with a lot from his landlady for which others would be eviscerated. 
He couldn’t imagine it extended to taking her nephew, the sub, to a crime scene.  The DI stood back to watch. 
Donovan stopped Sherlock at the tape, of course.  He heard Sherlock introduce the sub as Dr. John Watson.  Well, that made sense.  Sherlock always did like to have an audience.  Someone knowledgeable to pass his information to. 
Donovan and Anderson were now exchanging rage filled looks with one another.  Well, Lestrade didn’t need to know what they got up to after hours anyway.  Thank you very much, Sherlock.
As it appeared that World War III was not going to break out on the dodgy side of London, Lestrade moved forward and called for Sherlock to join him inside.
He waited until both men entered before turning to Sherlock.   “Who’s this then?” he said, gesturing at the sub.  It was only at that moment that he noticed the man was collared.  Great, just what he needed.  He was sure that any minute some irate Dom was going to show up, punch Sherlock in the face, and leave with his or her sub in tow.  God knows he would never trust Sherlock Holmes to wander around the city with his sub.
Lestrade’s gaze scraped over the cane the sub had in his hand.  If he had collared the man, he would have him home by a nice fire, not knocking around London’s alleys with a crazy person. 
Sherlock, finally deigning to notice him, introduced the man.  “This is Dr. John Watson.  He’s with me.”
Lestrade rolled his eyes.  “Jesus, Sherlock.  It’s bad enough I brought you in.  You can’t just drag others along as well.”
“Course I can.  You need me.”
“Yeah, I do.  But I don’t want this man’s Dom to barge in and drag him out of an active crime scene.  I mean, honestly, I’d be morally obliged to allow them to.”
Sherlock gave one of his patented, self-pitying sighs.  “Well, I’m not very likely to drag him out of the crime scene I’ve just brought him to, now am I?”
Lestrade actually gave the consulting detective a double take.  “I’m sorry, what?”
“I said, you don’t have to worry about me dragging him off.  Though, I suppose it is comforting to know you do feel “morally obliged” to allow one access to his own submissive.  With the usual bungling I’ve come to expect from the Met, it’s good to know you still have some basic grasp of the law.”
“You collared a submissive?”
John finally spoke.  “He did.  And you can both stop talking about him like he isn’t here.”
Lestrade felt chided.  He was usually much more chivalrous than this.  He did, however, flick his gaze to Sherlock.  Most Doms would not take well to being chastised in front of another Dom. 
Sherlock’s attention was now turned to John.  He was looking at the collar around the man’s neck and the right side of his mouth was quirked up.  Clearly he was trying not to smile . . . and failing. 
The consulting detective nodded once before turning back to Lestrade.  “Where’s the body?”
Lestrade motioned towards the second floor.  “I don’t suppose it would do any good to ask you to suit up?”
Sherlock placed a hand low on John’s back, ushering him to the staircase.  “None.”
Once upstairs, Sherlock surprised the DI by asking for John’s opinion first.  The man gave a fairly good, professional breakdown.  It wasn’t up to Sherlock’s standards however, and the man jumped up to list off the completely “obvious” facts that everyone else, including his own sub, had missed. 
Lestrade was not surprised when Sherlock’s sub burst forth with praise.  “That’s amazing.”
Lestrade had never thought about it before, but of course Sherlock would lean toward adoring, pet-like submissives.  Hell, any sub willing to be collared by Sherlock probably had a humiliation kink a mile wide.  The man was a walking compendium of verbal abuse. 
Which was why he was taken aback when Sherlock turned, stepping into the sub’s personal space, asking him, “Do you know you’re doing that aloud?”
As if he didn’t expect him to.  As if he was surprised. 
The sub looked up.  “Sorry.  I’ll stop.”
And then, it happened.  Sherlock Holmes looked vulnerable.  He paused, leaned back, and then said, in an almost coy manner. “It’s fine.”
The next thing you know, Sherlock had skipped off with barely a word to Lestrade, but a sharp kiss and an order to meet him back at the flat for John. 
It was that thought for John that had Lestrade hopeful.  Lestrade had seen many things in his years with New Scotland Yard, but the most surprising might be Sherlock Holmes, smitten.  Maybe there was a chance for Sherlock after all.  Maybe if he had to think of someone else, he’d make better choices, become a good man.  Lestrade began to hope so.


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Jun. 13th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
Aahh, yes. Still scorching hot and extremely elegant. A massively winning combination. Like the fabulous writers. This hits my kinks just right. Hoping for more in his fabulous verse. <3
Jun. 13th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)
There is more coming. It is slow in progress but we are on it!! ;-) Off to F5 your fic for the next hour. *wink*
Jun. 13th, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
Ooohhhh! A delicious Dom!Sherlock Sassy-Subby-John PRESENT!
I loved this. And I loved the detail of Mrs H being a switch, but it being hard for a woman of her generation to admit, etc. Obviously a lot of work and care went into this piece... UUmmmmmm... Can we have some more, please? ; )
Jun. 13th, 2011 02:24 am (UTC)
Just noticed- 1 of 6? YAY. And Thank you!
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The original was a fic begging for a continuation. Nice to see the sequel in such good hands. This was a fantastic start.
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Thank you SO much! TPDH came up in every conversation about our favorite Sherlock fics and we kept saying "I wish someone would write more!" So, we did. (Wow. that sounds like the story of how Gatfatt gave us Sherlock to begin with. Never noticed that before. lol)

We are of course, very grateful to the OP of TPDH for letting us play in their sandbox.
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Jun. 14th, 2011 01:07 am (UTC)
And more you shall have... soon!
Jun. 13th, 2011 03:05 am (UTC)
I am super excited to see a continuation of the Pleasure-Dome Hotel. I love that story, and I think you're doing a great job so far. I loved the stuff in the mortuary, and the shop.

If I can offer one critique, I'd warn/ask you not to just retool asip for this story. It's terribly tedious when you start transcribing the episode, even with new observations/thoughts in between dialogue. Given how well you can obviously write it's a shame to smother your own narrative that way. Please consider it.
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:10 am (UTC)
Thank you for your kind words on our joint writing style. We appreciate it more than you know.

We also understand that the reworking of the episodes aren't to everyone's preference, but we like the idea and this whole storyline is about our take on series 1 within this verse.

We would love to have you continue to read but if you don't feel you can, we understand completely.

Once again, thanks for your words of encouragement. :-)
Jun. 13th, 2011 03:22 am (UTC)
Lovely! TPDH is one of my fave fics and this looks to be an amazing (and hot, lol) continuation! :) Looking forward to more!
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:11 am (UTC)
We are looking forward to posting more... when we are done writing it. lol.

Thanks for reading.
Jun. 13th, 2011 03:26 am (UTC)
Am caught somewhere between a purr of pleasure and squee of fangirly happiness. *makes indistinct noise*
Great set-up for what will certainly be an interesting relationship.
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:12 am (UTC)
Yay! Indistinct noises = good!!

Thank you. Hope we don't disappoint.
Jun. 13th, 2011 07:06 am (UTC)
I loved this AU and I am so glad you guys are continuing this. It just hits all my kinks for Sherlock/John. Well done!
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:12 am (UTC)
Thank you! We are glad to do it. ;-)
Jun. 13th, 2011 08:08 am (UTC)
*squeeeee* This is very exiting! I loved the prequel and I'm loving this so far as well.
Thank you very much doing and sharing this!
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:14 am (UTC)
And thank you for reading it! Velvet_mace and raiining did such a great job on the original, we hope to live up to the very high standard!
Jun. 13th, 2011 05:16 pm (UTC)
This au is completely perfect. It's making me look around and label people as doms or subs, though, which is probably not healthy.
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:14 am (UTC)
Well, I won't tell anyone if you don't... I especially won't tell that I catch myself doing it too. lol.
(no subject) - stupid_drawings - Jun. 14th, 2011 01:22 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 13th, 2011 07:45 pm (UTC)
OH! I love that story and am so glad to see you continuing it. I'm enjoying it very much!
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:15 am (UTC)
Thank you!!!!
Jun. 13th, 2011 09:23 pm (UTC)
The original was fantastic and I'm glad you decided to continue it. There are so many fics that are amazing, but that I greedily wish had sequels, you are now fulfilling one of my greedy wishes, so thank you!

I really love how Sherlock takes care of John. He's been waiting for so long, it seems like the natural thing to do. I also love John as a cheeky sub and I love that Sherlock loves it. Am I being incoherent yet? It's getting close, so I'll stop here. Please have this basket full of muffins.
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
Nope not incoherent, you may continue to sing our praises. LOL. JK.

Thank you. We also kept wanting a sequel to this. And were very lucky that the OP allowed us to do it.
Jun. 14th, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)
Most excellent
I am totally chuffed that you picked up this storyline and are expanding on it! I just recently ran across The Pleasure Dome Hotel and loved it. You’ve done an excellent job with this continuation.

Many thanks for sharing this!
Jun. 14th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
Re: Most excellent
And Many Thanks for reading it!!
Jun. 14th, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)
Oh I always loved this rendition of John and Sherlock! So glad to see someone's keeping it going! Lovely, Sherlock is almost *adorable* in his fervor, liked seeing the outside perspective on this not-at-all-ordinary relationship. Poor insecure John -- of COURSE Sherlock would want an *interesting* sub, not necessarily a *good* sub.

Looking forward to more!
Jun. 14th, 2011 09:07 pm (UTC)
I love it!!
Aug. 19th, 2011 01:56 am (UTC)
We thank you!
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